Hari Krishan (Yoga & Meditation)

Hari Krishan Ji had envisioned of opening up of a Yoga School that presents Yoga in its true essence combined with the traditional detoxification science of Naturopathy. 

A large part of Hari Ji’s childhood was spent in serving ad taking care of hundreds of sages and sadhus, who used to visit and stay at their home.

This was his first experience with spirituality though he was very reluctant and would look at them with suspicion.

Years later, after tasting a lot of success in business, he still felt the emptiness and longing for inner bliss. One day he closed everything and decided to go on his inner journey. His initial struggles did not deter him. He would sometimes spend months in silence meditating.

He developed breathing and meditation techniques, which helped him go deeper into his inner journey. Being a national level player in his youth, yoga was an essential part of his routine.

However, he realized that in present times, the bodies of most people are full of emotional and other kinds of garbage, which hinder one’s growth. This led him to develop “Emotional Blockage” treatments as well as carefully using Naturopathy detoxification techniques along with yoga.

He is currently guiding his students with full awareness through the process of learning Dharana (concentration) and Dhyan (meditation). Furthermore, Hari Ji is teaching Emotional Blockage and Sufi Meditation classes.